Hello, Hi! I'm so happy you're here and assuming you're interested in booking a session and not just googling my name for fun. I'm Amanda, 27 years old, living in Harpers Ferry, WV with my husband Shane and our rescue dogs, Miley and Riggs. Shane has shown me unconditional love for the last ten years despite being the pickiest eater alive, choosing an extra hour of sleep over straightened hair and needing to be obsessively early to everything! I genuinly hope that everyone finds a relationship that is worth fighting for every single day.

I am fortunate enough to have a college degree and experience working with children and people of all walks of life. I absolutely love being around hilarious and honest tiny humans. When I'm not swapping lunch ideas with 8 year olds, I spend my evenings, weekends and summers engulfed in photography, and pizza date nights. I hope I never grow tired of hurrying home after a session to excitedly upload and cull through the images. What I'm most passionate about in pursuing photography is being able to give my clients the ability to see how beautiful they truly are. I'm able to show my clients a glimpse into the way their husband of 23 years still looks at her, the way her children favor their dad's look when they laugh, and most importantly to slow down and show my clients that they are doing life better than they could ever imagine.

There is a relatable way about me that can bring out natural emotion in my clients. Let's face it, we're not all models or even comfortable in front of the camera but I can promise you it's worth it. You don't get this time back; the toothless smile you've come to adore will soon house a mouth of metal, and before you know it everything is different. My goal is to witness these changes with you and to be invited back year after year to help you embrace wherever life has taken you.