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Shawn & Co.

Shawn and her daughters are full of fun and personality! I’m writing in this blog post to tell you I’m not going to be writing within blog posts anymore–I just stress so much about what to write and would rather use my pictures to tell ya what you need to know! I will, however, keep…

Fein Family

Jessica is my kind of people; she’s hilarious and sarcastic. The Fein’s session was cut short due to rain so stay tuned for a continuation of their session at some point!

Sheahin Family

Ryan & Michelle have the CUTEST redhead, Ethan, am I right or am I right? He was bribed with M&Ms and said “hi” to every dog that walked by us. As I tell almost every single client–I know men (ahem, Dads) would literally rather be doing anything else than having their photos taken but it is…

Style Suggestions

Hi all! This is my first ever blog post and let me tell you it was incredibly tough to narrow down what I should write about! I feel like i’m having a flash back to my Live Journal and Xanga days (holla if you know what those are!), only this will be less emotionally unstable…